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June 27, 2015

We have some small grass and redfin pickerel in stock. You can order them on their page!

*Note: Our shipping table gives dates for expected shipping dates. Please ignore those dates. We normally process and ship Monday through Wednesdays USPS Priority. FedEx ships normally Monday through Thursday depending on the service. We do try to avoid day layovers such as Sunday.

We have baby seahorses growing! Now it's only a matter of a month or so for them to be available.

Please call us if you have special instructions for your package or shipping date.

Our signature Plankton Feed is on Sale! $18.95 per lbs. Give it a try, we feed it to all our planktons daily!

Check out our product details for quantity discounts on our items.

Salt Water Amphipods and the 200 and 500 SW Copepods are on sale this month.

Sale on all Salt Water Fiddler Crabs: $10.95 for 10, $19.95 for 20, $39.95 for 50 and $75.95 for 100.

Black Bass and Black Crappie are now available! Redbreasts, and Warmouoth babies are still growing and should be available soon. We are still waiting for them to put on some size. So, estimated shipping time for them will be after May 18. We'll update the site when they are available!

The shopping cart goes to PayPal for check out. Or you can give us a call at 904.824.6308 during business hours - 9 AM to 5 PM EST. Monday through Saturday. Sunday we are closed.

Our shipping days are Mon-Wed for USPS and Mon-Thurs for FedEx. Friday shipping for FedEx is offered upon request. More information can be found on our Shipping Information page. If there is an issue with shipping or animals please give us at call at 904-824-6308 and we will do our best to address the situation.

Sachs Systems Aquaculture has been serving the aquaculture community for over 26 years, since 1988.

Happy June Paul and Sara