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Brackish water fish


Diamond Killifish
SKU: Dkill4
Diamond Killifish (Adinia xenica) require brackish water and enjoy planted tanks where they can stay out of sight. They are omnivores that will also eat small live or frozen foods.
Our price: $24.95
Mixed Saltwater Fish
SKU: swmix10
This group of 10 fish is mostly a Fundulus spp. mix, but may contain other marsh species such as sailfin mollies or mullet.
Our price: $25.95
Ocean Plankton
SKU: ocp11
A collection of Salt Water plankton including the smallest rotifer to the largest amphipods. Perfect for seeding Salt Water aquariums.
Our price: $18.95
Sheepshead Minnow
SKU: sheep1
Frisky fish, nice color with shades of blue on males.
Our price: $24.95