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North American Native Fishes, as well as amphibians.

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Banded Pygmy Sunfish
SKU: elasz11
The Banded Pygmy Sunfish is an excellent fish for a nano tank. The can breed in as little as 5 gallons of water and prefer a well planted aquarium. This fish has golden bars and brown mottled coloration. Requires live or frozen foods.
Our price: $8.95
Market price: $12.95 save 31%
Banded Sunfish
SKU: eobes1
1 to 3 inch in length. Live feeds a plus, but are converted to flake foods, freeze dried foods, frozen blood worms, and shrimp bits!! Planted tank a PLUS! Good community fish.
Our price: $19.95
Market price: $22.95 save 13%
Bannerfin Shiner
SKU: cl4
Bannerfin shiners (cyprinella leedsi) are used for bioassay water quality experiments. They are available as juveniles, sub adults, and adults. Give us a call to check for availability at 904-824-6308. Fedex 2 day or Overnight is required.
Our price: $23.95
Black Banded Darter
SKU: bbd1
Black Banded Darters are one of the largest darters found in Florida. They get up to 4.5 inches and are fairly easy to keep. They are usually found in rivers and like to perch on logs and gravel substrate in some current. They prefer frozen and live foods.
Our price: $14.95
Black Crappie
SKU: bcrap1
Great disease free and hardy fish. Cultured fish! Available in Spring time. Also sold in groups of 100 for pond stocking orders. Call for pricing and availability.
Our price: $16.95
Black Madtom
SKU: blamad1
These black madtoms are converted to tank life already, and like vegetation to be happy.
Our price: $18.95
Blackbanded Sunfish
SKU: bbans1
Live feeds a plus, but are converted to frozen foods and freeze dried foods!! Planted tank a PLUS! Mild mannered and good community fish.
Our price: $17.95
Blackspotted Topminnow
SKU: foli1
Very pretty Native topminnow - Blackspotted Topminnow
Our price: $12.95
Blacktail Shiner
SKU: cven1
Active swimmers, like current. Temperatures in the 70's are suitable. Nice looking fish :)
Our price: $20.95
Bluefin Killi
SKU: bluefin1
Bluefin Killis grow up to 2 inches and make excellent aquarium fish. They have a zigzag black stripe from their nose to the base of their tail. Males color up with iridescent blue caudal and anal fins, with red! This fish is good for the intermediate aquarist because it likes live or frozen food. They are a peaceful community tank fish! They prefer lots of vegetation and cover. They like to sit along the fringe and are usually found near the bottom.
Our price: $12.95
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