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Golden Topminnow

Golden Topminnow
Topminnows hang out at the top of the water column in general. They do like plants and open areas too. They are a communal fish in general and do well. Golden topminnows are green colored with irridesecent speckles on sides. The males color up with red spots and red on caudal, dorsal, and anal fins. We sell them singles, male and female, groups of 4 and groups of 8.
Attribute Description
Behavior: Midwater to lowwater fish
Max Size: 3 inches
Preferred Habitat: Pond, Lake, likes plants
Food Type: Frozen, Flake and Live
Min Aquarium Size: 10 Gallons
Skill Level: Easy
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Ship Wght with water 2.00 lbs
Scientific Name Fundulus chrysotus
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