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Supplies for growing and feeds for invertebrates and vertebrates, both salt and fresh water


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Air Tubing
SKU: airtube1
This 3/16" standard air tubing is great for expanding your air system. 20 feet of high quality air tubing (this is not the thin walled cheap stuff). If you order multiples we will send one long piece that you may cut to your own lengths.
Our price: $2.95
Market price: $3.50 save 16%
Brass Air Valve
SKU: valve1
These brass air valves are useful for installing in blower systems with pvc main lines. Use teflon tape to make an air tight seal with your pvc lines. One outlet is regulated by a lever and can be used with standard 3/16" ID tubing. The other has a screw on plug and is unregulated. Sold individually.
Our price: $4.60
Brine Shrimp Flake Feed
SKU: bsflake1
1/2 lb or 1 lb. 45% Protein content.
Our price: $17.95
Color Enhancing Flake Feed
SKU: coloen1
1/2 lb or 1 lb. 45% Protein content.
Our price: $14.95
SKU: drop1
These droppers are excellent tools for laboratories and home hobbyists. We use them for daily tasks such as applying medication to fish tanks in accurate amounts, feeding plankton cultures, and feeding brine shrimp to fish fry. They can be used many times and are fairly durable. Clean them by sucking up a small amount of water and shake vigorously after stopping the opening with your finger. Then rinse with fresh water. These come in packs of 10 and can be ordered in 7ml and 1 ml sizes. The 1 ml droppers are marked in 0.25 ml increments.
Our price: $1.50
Glass Bead Air Stone
SKU: gbas1
Fits 3/16" OD standard airline tubing. Bleach cleans them nicely.
Our price: $2.00
Microalgae Growing Solution
SKU: mag1
Follow the instructions on the bottle to produce thick green cultures of micro algae.
Our price: $10.95
Petri Dish
SKU: petri1
These petri dishes are useful for observing small organisms such as daphnia under a dissecting microscope. They can also be used to culture algae on an augar medium. We sell these in packs of 10. Each plate comes with a bottom and top.
Our price: $1.95
SKU: pipette1
These 5ml pipettes are an excellent tool for picking up small organisms for feeding or moving. They allow you to target individual organisms and "suck" them up. Each pipette comes with 2ft of tubing, which can be placed in your mouth. Once you have sucked up the organism, you can use your tongue or teeth to close off the opening. Simply release the pressure to drop the organism to its new location. We use these every day for feeding finicky fish, counting fish fry, and sorting plankton.
Our price: $4.95
Plankton Feed
SKU: pf1
This plankton feed comes in powder form. Simply add the correct amount of water and feed according to the instructions. We make this ourselves and have been using it to feed all of our rotifers, copepods, daphnia, tubifex worms, and amphipods. This plankton feed is very forgiving, as it is not too oily and contains a nice blend of plant and protein matter. Feeding is subjective to population and volume of water. 1/2 teaspoon of plankton feed and water to 1 gallon of culture water is a good start. Do not cloud the water. If the water stays cloudy, that means that you are feeding too much. The powder stays the freshest in the refrigerator, and after water is added, refrigeration is required.

All plankton feed items now include a mixing bottle and eye dropper for feeding!
Our price: $5.95
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