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Lined Topminnow

Lined Topminnow
This are neat topminnows with some size to them as adults. They eat flake food, worms, and daphnia! Nice color on this group of fishes and easy to care for. Suitable for a community tank. Likes plants too! Lined topminnows are silvery colored with black horizontal stripes on sides. Males have vertical black bars. Both Male and Female have a orange spot near their mouth, orange on their lips and what looks like a Star on the top of their head. They like close quarters and lots of plants. We sell them singles, male and female, groups of 4 and groups of 8.
Attribute Description
Behavior: Topwater fish
Max Size: 3 inches
Preferred Habitat: Pond, Lake, likes plants
Food Type: Frozen, Flake and Live
Min Aquarium Size: 10 Gallons
Skill Level: Easy
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Ship Wght with water 2.00 lbs
Scientific Name Fundulus lineolatus
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