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Live Bearers

North American Native Fishes, as well as amphibians.


Least Killifish
SKU: het1
Charming golden-colored live bearer. Extremely hardy, easy to keep and feed. Makes a great addition to a community tank Front of dorsal fin sports red around a black spot. Great for aquariums and ponds. Makes a great addition to a community tank, or a nice fish for a small office tank. These are not true killifish, so we have placed them in the live bearers section.
Our price: $11.95
Mosquito Fish
SKU: ga1
The melanistic gambusia is shown presently. The lots of 10 or 100 are regular colored, grey, gambusia with no splotches. - For closed water systems outside of this State. This fish can tolerate a wide range of water parameters, and are very easy to keep! They do well in any aquarium and can also be used as feeder fish. The melanistic coloration is only present on males and does not breed true.
Our price: $14.95
Sailfin Molly
SKU: sail1
Beautiful live bearing fish. This mix of adults and Juvies makes for an excellent group for a starter tank, or larger tanks. They like vegetation, and will eat flake food as well as spirulina flakes. The males have very large dorsal fins and turn shades of irridecent blue and yellow.
Our price: $18.95