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Misc. Fish

Fishes that don't fit the other catagories. Oddball collections, non-native fish, and other vertebrates.


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Eastern Mudminnow
SKU: umbra1
This is a neat minnow with dark olive green with speckles. Likes live feeds, freeze dried feeds, and is an interesting tank mate for fish larger than it's mouth.
Our price: $12.95
Hog Choker
SKU: hoggy1
A flatfish in the flounder family that enjoys saltwater or freshwater tanks. Likes live feeds such as daphnia worms, shrimps and such. Changes pattern/coloration to suit the bottom. But does like sandy bottoms or fine gravel. These were collected in fresh water and are being kept in freshwater but they do like a little salt in their water.
Our price: $16.95
Lake Chubsucker
SKU: lchub1
We have several of these shy fish. They like to root up worms and work the bottom for small edibles, bug larvae and detritus. Excellent fish for pond cleaning in Florida.
Our price: $12.95
Pirate Perch
SKU: pir1
His purple/dark is an oddity as is the Pirate Perch. Likes to hide in wait for meals. Likes vegetation! Live feeds are a must with this one, and intermediate aquarists will enjoy this fish.
Our price: $9.95
SKU: plec5
These took a big hit with the cold we experienced this year... so, we don't have any available and are not likely to for some time!
Our price: $15.95
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