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Brine Shrimp Cysts
SKU: bscan1
These are used to feed small larvae such as Lined seahorse fry. Can be grown out to feed a wide variety of larvae sizes or adult fish. We have cysts available for you to hatch yourself in 10 gram or 1 pound weights. These will hatch in 24 hours at 80 degrees F in a salinity of 24ppt. You can use water softener style salt (blue bag) to save money. Feed daily by tinting the water green with micro algae or squirt a few drops of our plankton feed onto the surface.
Our price: $4.95
Fiddler Crabs
SKU: up1
These Fiddler Crabs will fiddle their way into your hearts..even though they're crabs! Octopi like to hear them fiddle from the inside! Keep these Fiddler Crabs in a tub with only 1/2 inch of water. They just need enough to keep their gills wet. Change water daily or when the water starts to cloud or smell. Feed them flake food.
Our price: $11.95
Market price: $19.95 save 40%
Mysid Shrimp
SKU: mysid2
Mysid opposum Shrimp up to 1/4 inch in size. Used primarily for feeding finicky Marine tropicals, cuttlefish and seahorses. Mysids are difficult to culture due to their cannibalistic behavior of picking off weaker individuals. They can be kept for short periods of time (several weeks) by putting them in a tub with medium aeriation and feeding daily with fresh hatched brine shrimp. Frequent water changes are a must. These are kept at low specific gravities of around 1.014.
Our price: $18.95
Market price: $19.95 save 5%
Ocean Plankton
SKU: ocp11
A collection of Salt Water plankton including the smallest rotifer to the largest amphipods. Perfect for seeding Salt Water aquariums.
Our price: $18.95
Plankton Feed
SKU: pf1
This plankton feed comes in powder form. Simply add the correct amount of water and feed according to the instructions. We make this ourselves and have been using it to feed all of our rotifers, copepods, daphnia, tubifex worms, and amphipods. This plankton feed is very forgiving, as it is not too oily and contains a nice blend of plant and protein matter. Feeding is subjective to population and volume of water. 1/2 teaspoon of plankton feed and water to 1 gallon of culture water is a good start. Do not cloud the water. If the water stays cloudy, that means that you are feeding too much. The powder stays the freshest in the refrigerator, and after water is added, refrigeration is required.

All plankton feed items now include a mixing bottle and eye dropper for feeding!
Our price: $5.95
Salt Water Copepods
SKU: oc1
These cultures contain a mix of benthic and pelagic copepods. It is packed with copepods and is an excellent addition to a reef tank. You can also feed them to your Mandarin Goby, Seahorse fry, Coral heads, or any planktivore. They range in size from 150 to around 800 microns. These copepods can be cultured in any size container with little to no aeriation. Feed lightly with crushed flake food, micro algae, or plankton feed once a day.
Our price: $15.95
Saltwater Amphipods
SKU: SWamph1
Small "C" shaped shrimp that like to dart in and out of substrate. They are an excellent addition to any aquarium as they feed on detritus and help to balance the aquarium. Culture in a tub with light aeriation and give them plenty of places to hide. Feed once a day. Seahorses love these as well as other finicky eaters, and they are fairly easy to culture yourself, but a little hard to catch! These come in groups of 30 and groups of 100.
Our price: $14.95
Market price: $21.95 save 32%
Saltwater Plankton Start Up Kits
SKU: swpsuk1
These kits are an excellent buy for a hobbyist starting out. Each kit comes with instructions, a 5ml pipette with tubing, a 55 micron sieve, and a plankton feed kit. You can order them with a variety of different organisms.
Our price: $21.95
Saltwater Rotifers
SKU: swr1
These rotifers are easy to culture and are useful for growing out fish fry that are too small to eat Brine Shrimp. These come in 200ml, 500ml, and 2 Liter cultures. These are best grown at a low specific gravity of around 1.014.
Our price: $19.95
Shore Shrimp
SKU: css1
Easy to keep feeder shrimp. These are fun pets or make a great meal for an angler fish or other medium sized fish (up to 6 inches). They keep well and eat flake food. These make a great snack for any predator fish. Keep a top on your aquarium or they will jump out and turn crispy on your aquarium lights! One word of advice, often our customers break off their rostrum (point on the nose) to prevent it from getting stuck in your fish's throat if the fish is in the 2+-" range.
Our price: $19.95
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