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Salt Water Vertebrates

Salt Water Vertebrates, including sheepshead minnows, salt water feeder fish, diamond killies, and seahoreses


Lined Seahorse
These are captive bred, captive raised Lined Seahorses. They are around 3 inches. We are happy to provide you with Male/Female ratio of your choice. They are converted to frozen mysids and brine shrimp. FedEx Overnight is required. Additional shipping costs may be required. We offer several different quantities, so please check the details!
Our price: $59.95
Mixed Saltwater Fish
SKU: swmix10
This group of 10 fish is mostly a Fundulus spp. mix, but may contain other marsh species such as sailfin mollies or mullet.
Our price: $25.95
Sheepshead Minnow
SKU: sheep1
Frisky fish, nice color with shades of blue on males.
Our price: $28.95