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Lined Seahorse
These are captive bred, captive raised Lined Seahorses. They are around 3 inches. We are happy to provide you with Male/Female ratio of your choice. They are converted to frozen mysids and brine shrimp. FedEx Overnight is required. Additional shipping costs may be required. We offer several different quantities, so please check the details!
Our price: $59.95
Mysid Shrimp
SKU: mysid2
Mysid opposum Shrimp up to 1/4 inch in size. Used primarily for feeding finicky Marine tropicals, cuttlefish and seahorses. Mysids are difficult to culture due to their cannibalistic behavior of picking off weaker individuals. They can be kept for short periods of time (several weeks) by putting them in a tub with medium aeriation and feeding daily with fresh hatched brine shrimp. Frequent water changes are a must. These are kept at low specific gravities of around 1.014.
Our price: $18.95
Market price: $19.95 save 5%
Salt Water Copepods
SKU: oc1
These cultures contain a mix of benthic and pelagic copepods. It is packed with copepods and is an excellent addition to a reef tank. You can also feed them to your Mandarin Goby, Seahorse fry, Coral heads, or any planktivore. They range in size from 150 to around 800 microns. These copepods can be cultured in any size container with little to no aeriation. Feed lightly with crushed flake food, micro algae, or plankton feed once a day.
Our price: $15.95