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Peninsular Newt
SKU: newt1
These are about 2" - 3" long. They are eating daphnia, worms, frozen, freeze dried foods and flake foods. These animals are neat to watch, going up and down the water column, hanging on plants, and wandering around the tank! I recommend them for any community tank, or just by themselves. CANNOT BE SOLD OUTSIDE FLORIDA! We will not Ship Newts Across State Lines.
Our price: $9.95
Petri Dish
SKU: petri1
These petri dishes are useful for observing small organisms such as daphnia under a dissecting microscope. They can also be used to culture algae on an augar medium. We sell these in packs of 10. Each plate comes with a bottom and top.
Our price: $1.95
SKU: pipette1
These 5ml pipettes are an excellent tool for picking up small organisms for feeding or moving. They allow you to target individual organisms and "suck" them up. Each pipette comes with 2ft of tubing, which can be placed in your mouth. Once you have sucked up the organism, you can use your tongue or teeth to close off the opening. Simply release the pressure to drop the organism to its new location. We use these every day for feeding finicky fish, counting fish fry, and sorting plankton.
Our price: $4.95
Pirate Perch
SKU: pir1
His purple/dark is an oddity as is the Pirate Perch. Likes to hide in wait for meals. Likes vegetation! Live feeds are a must with this one, and intermediate aquarists will enjoy this fish.
Our price: $9.95
Plankton Feed
SKU: pf1
This plankton feed comes in powder form. Simply add the correct amount of water and feed according to the instructions. We make this ourselves and have been using it to feed all of our rotifers, copepods, daphnia, tubifex worms, and amphipods. This plankton feed is very forgiving, as it is not too oily and contains a nice blend of plant and protein matter. Feeding is subjective to population and volume of water. 1/2 teaspoon of plankton feed and water to 1 gallon of culture water is a good start. Do not cloud the water. If the water stays cloudy, that means that you are feeding too much. The powder stays the freshest in the refrigerator, and after water is added, refrigeration is required.

All plankton feed items now include a mixing bottle and eye dropper for feeding!
Our price: $4.95
Plankton mix
SKU: pmix100
Our plankton mix includes a mix of fresh water planktonic orangisms including Ostracods, daphnia, rotifers, ceriodaphnia, copepods, and amphipods. The pmix100 is 100 mixed organisms. The pmix300 is 300 mixed organisms. The pmix1000 is 1000 mixed organisms.
Our price: $18.95
Plankton Start Up Kits
SKU: psuk1
These kits are an excellent buy for a hobbyist starting out. Each kit comes with instructions, a 5ml pipette with tubing, a 55 micron sieve, and a plankton feed kit. You can order them with a variety of different organisms.
Our price: $21.95
SKU: plec5
These took a big hit with the cold we experienced this year... so, we don't have any available and are not likely to for some time!
Our price: $15.95
Pygmy Killifish
SKU: lepto1
Cream colored overall, these small fish are peaceful, and are an excellent community tank fish. Yellow fins, yellow eye, a large black spot at the base of the tail, and a dark horizontal line along the lower side of the fish complete it's coloration. Males get iridescent green bars near the tail when colored up. They like plants and surface cover to hide under and around. They take frozen and live foods.
Our price: $7.95
Market price: $12.95 save 39%