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Sailfin Molly
SKU: sail1
Beautiful live bearing fish. This mix of adults and Juvies makes for an excellent group for a starter tank, or larger tanks. They like vegetation, and will eat flake food as well as spirulina flakes. The males have very large dorsal fins and turn shades of irridecent blue and yellow.
Our price: $18.95
Sailfin Shiner
SKU: pgrandi
Active swimmers, like current and dips. Temperatures in the LOWER 70's to mid 70's are suitable. Easy to keep, nice shiner! They'll eat daphnia, worms, frozen, freesze dried foods and flake foods. Sailfins swim well in a community tank or a stream tank.
Our price: $18.95
Salt Water Copepods
SKU: oc1
These cultures contain a mix of benthic and pelagic copepods. It is packed with copepods and is an excellent addition to a reef tank. You can also feed them to your Mandarin Goby, Seahorse fry, Coral heads, or any planktivore. They range in size from 150 to around 800 microns. These copepods can be cultured in any size container with little to no aeriation. Feed lightly with crushed flake food, micro algae, or plankton feed once a day.
Our price: $15.95
Saltwater Amphipods
SKU: SWamph1
Small "C" shaped shrimp that like to dart in and out of substrate. They are an excellent addition to any aquarium as they feed on detritus and help to balance the aquarium. Culture in a tub with light aeriation and give them plenty of places to hide. Feed once a day. Seahorses love these as well as other finicky eaters, and they are fairly easy to culture yourself, but a little hard to catch! These come in groups of 30 and groups of 100.
Our price: $14.95
Market price: $21.95 save 32%
Saltwater Plankton Start Up Kits
SKU: swpsuk1
These kits are an excellent buy for a hobbyist starting out. Each kit comes with instructions, a 5ml pipette with tubing, a 55 micron sieve, and a plankton feed kit. You can order them with a variety of different organisms.
Our price: $21.95
Saltwater Rotifers
SKU: swr1
These rotifers are easy to culture and are useful for growing out fish fry that are too small to eat Brine Shrimp. These come in 200ml, 500ml, and 2 Liter cultures. These are best grown at a low specific gravity of around 1.014.
Our price: $19.95
Science Fair Kit
SKU: cdscience
These science fair kits can be used to run a variety of experiments. Each one is catered to a specific type of experiment, but you should use your imagination to think of your own questions that need answering. The ceriodaphnia kit is recommended for High School students and above, as the organisms are smaller and harder to see and count. The Daphnia magna kits contain larger organisms and are great for all ages of students. Click on the detailed description to see what each kit contains. Contact us if you want us to cater a kit to your needs!
Our price: $35.95
Screen mesh
SKU: screen1
These screens are useful for quickly sorting individual organisms by size. These come in 10"X10" sections and can be glued directly to the end of a pvc pipe to make a sieve using standard pipe dope. Simply buy a piece of pvc that is the diameter and length desired. We like to use 3" pvc that we cut to around 4" tall. We have 55, 250, and 800 micron screen available, all in 10"X10" squares.
Our price: $7.95
Selenastrum Freshwater Microalgae
SKU: sel2
Selenastrum Freshwater Wet Microalgae Culture .
Our price: $47.95
Sheepshead Minnow
SKU: sheep1
Frisky fish, nice color with shades of blue on males.
Our price: $24.95